Call for papers
Presenters are invited to submit abstracts for sessions and workshops at the ICA International Congress 2016.
Abstracts should be submitted online here or by using the login button below.

The 2016 Congress Seoul Programme Committee is looking for relevant papers from speakers who will provoke the ICA community and its wider stakeholders to reflect on and debate these global themes.

You do not have to be an ICA member or even work in archives or records management to submit a proposal, we actively encourage professionals from other networks to challenge and inform us.

The Quadrennial Congress of ICA is a great opportunity to share, publicise and discuss your work or research in archives and records management in the international forum for archivists, records managers and the recordkeeping field. Check that you can meet the conditions, be sure to follow all the requirements in submitting your proposal and it could be you presenting to your peers form all around the world in Seoul in September 2016!

If you have any questions about call for papers contact the ICA at
Key Dates
Date Action
15th February 2016 Submission deadline
1st March 2016 The Programme Committee completes the review
8th April 2016 List of accepted papers published mid-March
1st May 2016 Provisional programme is published
31st May 2016 Early bird registration closes
5th-10th September 2016 ICA International Congress 2016
Programme Themes
Archives, Harmony and Friendship: ensuring cultural sensitivity, justice and cooperation in a globalised world
The congress programme has eight themes. Follow the links below for more information:
  • 1. Recordkeeping in the Digital Age
  • 2. Cooperation
  • 3. Use of records and archives in justice, advocacy and reconciliation work
  • 4. Harmony and friendship in the global archives world
  • 5. Diversity and harmony among archival cultures and societies
  • 6. Korean Archives and Records Management
  • 7. New Professionals
  • 8. Celebration of Achievements of the ICA Network since 2012
Format of the congress
  • Workshop sessions over two days - at the beginning and at the conclusion of the congress
  • Presentation sessions over three days - each day commences with a keynote plenary session followed by eight streams of concurrent sessions, concluding with a plenary daily-summation session.
Type of session
  • Paper presentation: 20-30 minutes presentation, with 10-15 minutes for questions (total 45 minutes)
  • Panel: a panel with up to 3 speakers with related presentations (20 minutes each) and a chair, with 30 minutes for introductions, closing and questions (total 1.5 hours)
  • Q&A panel: an interactive panel of 4-6 individuals informally discussing a variety of theories or perspectives on a given topic (5 minutes each). Interactive participation with the audience is encouraged (total 45 minutes)
  • Workshop full day: training session for up to 30 people, in 3 or 4 x 1.5 hour sessions (total 6 hours)
  • Workshop half day: training session for up to 30 people, in 2 x 1.5 hour sessions (total 3 hours)
  • Poster: a short update or bulletin outlining a research project, work-based project or other activity that combines text and graphics to make a visually interesting presentation, with 2-3 minutes for questions (total 10 minutes)
  • Other (surprise us!)
Please note that the Congress Programme Committee may request changes to the type of session in order to achieve a balanced programme.
Selection Criteria
The Congress Programme Committee aims to create a professionally challenging and interesting programme. It will favor proposals:

  • Clearly related to the congress themes and sub-themes (mandatory);
  • Presented by ICA bodies and members;
  • Presenting an operational approach to specific issues;
  • Fostering interactivity and involving the audience;
  • Supporting professional development;
  • Supporting the implementation of the ICA strategic directions and objectives;
  • Of international interest; and
  • Representing a unique or innovative contribution to archival theory and practice.
Proposals from new professionals are especially encouraged to promote professional development and involvement and to provoke inter-generational dialogue about the state of the profession and its future needs.
Abstracts must be submitted online:
  • You will need to create an online account before you can submit;
  • Abstracts may be submitted in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Korean, Russian or Spanish. If you submit in a language which is not known to more than one member of the Professional Programme Committee, you may be asked to provide a translation into English or French of your paper title, abstract and biography;
  • You do not have to be an ICA member to submit a proposal, although there are benefits for being a member;
  • Further information about the types of sessions is available above;
  • Biographical details, including your qualifications, experience, work history and/or interests are limited to 300 words;
  • Abstracts are limited to 500 words;
  • Notes are limited to 300 words;
  • You may submit more than one proposal, however each proposal should be submitted online separately;
  • In submitting a proposal you agree to the Conditions of submission and acceptance.

Acceptance of abstracts is at the discretion of the Congress Programme Committee, comprising:

Name Position(s)
Henri Zuber Host Co-Chair of Congress 2016 PPC & ICA VP, Programme
Youngjoon Nam Host Co-Chair of Congress 2016 PPC & Professor Chung-ang University
Margaret Crockett Secretary, PPC Congress 2016 & ICA Deputy Secretary General
Choonsoo Yim Director National Archives of Korea
Yeonkyoung Chung Professor Ewha Womans University
Kiae Jung Director General National Archives of Korea
Youngkon Lee Professor Korea Polytechnic University
Taewan Park SecurityInside Co.,Ltd. Professional Advisor
Juseok Park Professor Myungji University
Dongseok Kang Executive Director National Information Society Agency
Heeweon Lee President Korea Records Association & Manager & Dong-A University Medical Center, Dept. of Medical Information
Donghyun Huh Director, The Institute for Modern Korean History, Kyung Hee University
Songahm Cho CEO DIMS & Chairman, Records Management Standards Committee of Korean TC46/SC11
Byungjoon Kang Chief Editor Electronics Times
Sunghee Kim Senior Records Manager, Office for Government Policy Coordination
Soyeon Lee President of the Korean Society of Archival Studies
Eunha Youn KARMA
Youngnam Lee Korean Society of Archival Studies
Du Mei Deputy Director, Policy, Regulation and Research Department, State Archives Administration of China
Yumiko Ohara Specialist for Archival Affairs, National Archives of Japan
Helen Walker National Archives of Australia & Member, PCOM
Trudy Peterson Chair, ICA Human Rights Working Group
Nancy McGovern Chair, ICA Digital Records Expert Group
Joan Boadas Chair Photographic and Audio-visual Archives Group& Member, PCOM
Fred Van Kan Chair, Section for Professional Organisations Meg Phillips Member, PCOM
Meg Phillips Member, PCOM
Padré Lydie Gnessougou Baraon-Diomency Member, PCOM
Opeta Alefaio PARBICA
Dr Phang Lai Tee Head of Audio-visual Archives, National Archives of Singapore
Laura Millar Archives and Records Management Consultant
Emilie Gagnet Leumas Chair, Section for Archives of Faith Traditions & Chair of Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness
Irmgard Becker Director, Archivschule Marburg & President, VDA-Verband Deutscher Archivarinnen und Archivare
Michael Ngwang Ngwanyi Director National Archives of Cameroon
Didier Grange ICA Special Advisor